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Lawyers as Problem Solvers: Finding Solutions in Legal Disputes

December 14th, 2023

Lawyers often serve as problem solvers, offering legal advice and assistance to individuals facing various legal issues. They play a crucial role in helping people navigate the complexities of the legal system and find solutions to their problems. Here are some key points about lawyers as problem solvers:

Free Legal Assistance Programs:

There are various programs available to provide free legal assistance to individuals in need. For example, the Oregon Free Legal Answers website offers programs such as the Military Assistance Panel, which matches deployed servicemembers and their dependents with lawyers willing to provide up to 2 hours of legal advice at no charge .
Volunteer Attorneys for Children:

In Oregon, volunteer attorneys participate in the Problem Solvers program to offer free legal information and advice to children. Young people between the ages of 13 and 17 can request a referral to this program, and volunteer attorneys agree to provide a free thirty-minute consultation .
Military Lawyers and Legal Assistance:

Military lawyers, also known as Judge advocates (JAG), provide legal assistance to servicemembers and their dependents. They can offer help in legal and non-legal matters ranging from buying a car to renting an apartment, buying a home, paying taxes, or writing a will .
Collaborative Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Collaborative law is a problem-solving process that gives divorcing parties and their lawyers a way to end a marriage and restructure families without the stress, delay, and expense of litigation. Additionally, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to the different ways people can resolve disputes without a trial, including processes such as arbitration and collaborative law .
Legal Firms’ Approach:

Legal firms often emphasize their role as problem-solvers in complex business disputes and transactions. They are described as strategic problem-solvers who use their breadth of experience in the law to craft solutions .
Training and Education:

There are workshops and training programs focused on developing lawyers as effective problem solvers. These programs aim to equip law school graduates with the skills to provide effective legal counseling and find solutions to legal issues .